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02 Jun 2015

In an effort to lead transformation compliance within the real estate sector, RE/MAX of Southern Africa has invested in establishing its own Accredited Training Institution, the Global Learning Centre (GLC). This was achieved during the first audit by the Services SETA of the GLC in March, with accreditation by the Services SETA awarded on 1 April.

This is according to Margaret Nicol, the GLC Development Manager, who says challenging the many barriers to entry for new and emerging estate agents, the GLC solution to compliance integrates the best of world-class training with the compulsory qualification, and the regulatory intern logbook into the GLC Intern Programme. 

This turnkey solution simplifies requirements into a streamlined process, making it both cost effective and an integrated user experience, she says.

While the GLC Intern Programme has been designed to fully meet regulatory requirements of the accrediting authorities, it has been progressively structured to incorporate eLearning via a multi-mode delivery platform, which facilitates a blend of methodologies. 

She says the solution promotes ‘high touch’ eLearning, using multimedia technology, a specific workplace-based mentoring component, class-based tutoring and portfolio support workshops, online chat forums and specialist support interventions. 

The Learner Management System (LMS) is robust and subject to interrogation and audit, containing a powerful dashboard and data analytics for effective management by Nicol, who is responsible for the design and development of the accredited programme.

The GLC is currently in the pilot phase of implementation of the GLC Intern Programme, with the initial focus on training GLC Certified Mentors, who are responsible for implementation of the programme in the work environment. 

The interns or new recruits then undergo a full orientation and induction programme to ensure they understand the programme structure, roles and responsibilities, the learning pathway, qualification processes and achievement requirements.

Their initial focus will be on sales, as that is the backbone of an agent’s trade and the means by which they will make a living and potentially become future rising stars. RE/MAX of Southern Africa has a unique, international introductory programme that is customised by world-renowned real estate expert and coach, Brian Buffini, which is designed to lead them to greatness in as little as 100 days, says Nicol.

On successful completion of this initial phase, interns are selected onto and enrolled on the GLC Intern Programme, where they will receive full training and support to achieve the compliance requirements in as little as six modules.

The main focus for RE/MAX of Southern Africa is on growing its market share, while at the same time transforming the industry. Adrian Goslett, CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa, says it is a priority for the RE/MAX of Southern Africa brand to grow its agent base over the next five years.

He says they currently have over 2 200 agents working throughout the Southern Africa region, and they have plans to increase that number to 5 000 agents by 2020.

He says they expect much of that growth to come from the new emerging markets in South Africa, and with the launch of the RE/MAX GLC Intern Program, which will be providing top-class real estate training, they will ensure that the customer experience is consistent with the brand’s high standards.

According to Nicol, the programme will be offered to agents at the lowest possible rate and will be designed to be the simplest, easiest and fastest way to become a certified Professional Practitioner in Real Estate that is fully EAAB compliant.

She says the system will comprehensively incorporate the key elements for those entering the real estate sector, such as the Services Seta FETC: Real Estate, NQFL4 accreditation and EAAB mandatory one-year internship, along with the RE/MAX Accelerate course and Buffini’s 100 Days to Greatness.

This will ensure that agents will be fully equipped to service buyers and sellers in the housing market and provide a professional service from day one, she says. 

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